The IPL hair removal method

hair removal methods

The IPL hair removal  methods is used by the beauty and the medical profession for depilation. IPL is an acronym for Intense pulse light and it is very different from the laser.  IPL is rarely used for doing a Brazilian wax, usually done by the laser.Since the chromospheres (molecules responsible for color) differ in the skin, IPL band light frequencies, which range from 500nm to 1200nm, have wider application. Incidentally, IPL is a great hair removal methods which is used both for depilation and photo rejuvenation of the skin. Laser on the other hand is a coherent single frequency light. IPL hair removal method , like laser is regulated and these vary from country to country. Most home use machines  are compliant to FDA and other international regulations.

How the IPL Hair Removal method works

There is a distinction between the type of machine sued for beauty  treatment and those used by medical practitioners. The former with maximum output of 50 jule are considered to be beauty grade IPL machines. The medical grade machines have high capacities. The is the reason why the procedure
is carried out under supervision of a trained dermatologist. This technique had been in use for about 15 years.
The basic premise of the IPL hair removal method is that light is converted to intense heat when it strikes the base of the hair follicle, which also the highest concentration of melanin (black pigment) . This is the reason why the procedure  may not be effective on light colored hair. Likewise the treatment is more effective on fair skin with dark hair.

The heat generated in the IPL application destroys the hair follicle and the hair producing papillae. This is the reason why hair is removed permanently or its growth  is reduced substantially. This is why in case of hirusutism (condition of excessive hair), multiple IPL treatments are required. Physicians are careful in terming the procedure of IPL hair removal method as ‘long term hair reduction. This is probably a realistic description of the process.

How the IPL Hair Removal method – precautions

People looking for IPL hair removal method outside the medical domain are advised to exert precautions while availing the treatment.

there are certain conditions where the procedure is contraindicated:

1. Recent trauma and skin injuries.

2. Any contagious skin condition.

3. Breastfeeding and pregnancy.

4.Keloid or hypertrophic  scarring.

5.  Sunburns.

How the IPL Hair Removal method – summary

Since IPL Hair removal involves a range of light frequencies its effect on skin may be diverse. Those with darker skin tones find the procedure less effective. Experts suggest that winter is a good time to carry out the procedure. Remaining indoors, which usually happens in the winter, reduces the melanin in the skin, which improves the efficiency  of IPL hair removal.
It is found that with this process  the treatment time is lesser as the IPL produces beams that are eight time larger than those reproduced by laser based machines. Advances in IPL take care that water absorbing frequencies from the IPL spectrum are filtered to prevent skin damage. Typically these are burns and thermal damage resulting in blisters.

The cost of treatment is dependent upon the type of therapy sought and the extent of hair removal  required. You are well advised to use the treatment under the case of an experienced IPL hair removal practitioner, preferably a physician.


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